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Dear Customer,

With the age of digitalization, trade is getting faster and rougher. In this harsh environment, we are totally resolute to continue our operations based on TRUST.

As being one of the most flexible company in the entire industry, we do not have any production lines or systems; but we do have Long-term agreements with highly respected suppliers to fulfill the complex needs of our clients.

Besides, in our Business Model, we make Technical Projects among our suppliers to meet highly demanding customer needs. 

Our focus is based on two sectors; ENGINEERING PLASTICS & TECHNICAL TEXTILES. 

In Engineering Plastics, we already supply an extensive portfolio starting with "Recycled Materials (PP, PA, PE)" up to most sophisticated "Compounds" (like High-Gloss, Anti-scratch shielding materials or Carbon reinforced compounds etc). 

In Technical Textiles, we have "High Tenacity Yarn" solutions  in our stocks as well as "Specialty Fabrics" for outdoor applications such as Thermal Conductive Fabrics.

To be able to present our endless solutions, please kindly reach us...

It will be our privilege to serve you in your operations...

Sincere Respects,


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